Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Jelly Shoes!

When I was offered the chance to review the Scholl GelActiv insoles I was quite excited as I often find myself on my feet all day in work or at the gym and I do struggle with pain in the arch of my foot when on my feet for long periods of time.

The Scholl GelActiv insoles claim to help prevent tired and painful feet and they currently come suitable for 3 occasions:

1. GelActiv Everyday This is the version that I received to sample and is recommended for everyday use to support your feet. These seem to meet my needs quite well as they are for day to day shoes as well as ankle boots and for use in Trainers.
 2. GelActiv Sport This version is for those that carry out a lot of physical activity to help absorb shock and to reduce the pressure on joints.
 3. GelActiv Work This version is ideal for those working on their feet all day. Softening the impact you feel when your feet hit the ground and offer long lasting support. So Scholl have developed 3 versions to suit each different person's requirements.

Insoles are designed to offer comfort and non-stop cushioning and they also help if your shoes are a little loose to offer a more snug fit. For me this is perfect as I find that a lot of my shoes are slightly big and the insole helps to prevent the shoes from slipping off.
Although it is not recommended you can wear the insoles with bare feet and if they need to be cleaned then you simply wipe with a soapy cloth and leave to dry.

The Scholl GelActiv comprises of two different types of gel that work efficiently together to absorb the smallest shocks and effectively reduce the impact felt when walking and running. I decided to try the insoles in my work shoes as this would be where I would wear them for most of the time.
The insoles are provided in strong packaging with a plastic covering and cardboard backing with information on the product.

Retailing at GBP14.99 this is quite an expensive product but it is clear to see from the packaging and when you remove the product from the packaging that this is of far superior quality to other insoles currently on the market.

The insoles are currently available in 2 sizes: Women Shoe Size 38-42 Men Shoe Size 42-48.
There is no difference between the men and women's insole apart from the size.
The insoles are suitable to use in all seasons, however if the insoles do get humid it is recommended that you remove from the shoe to dry.

To cut the insole to size I took a sharp pair of scissors and cut along the first line at the top, the different sizes were labelled A,B and C. Cutting along line A, I checked to see if it fit inside the shoe and continued until I eventually cut line C to get the perfect fit. I replaced the current insole within my shoe which was not particularly cushioned and ensured that it fit into the shoe snugly.
As the gel gripped the shoe it was clear that once it was fitted correctly it would not move around within the shoe. I placed my foot into the shoe to try on for size and found that the shoe instantly felt more snug and comfortable. The insoles are only suitable for full grown people of adult age and are estimated to last between 4-6months.

When I first placed the insoles into the shoes, I wasn't sure about wearing them for a long length of time as the shoes felt tighter but the sole of the foot definitely felt more cushioned.
The cushioning was firm this I assume is to be due to the two types of gel proven to absorb the smallest shocks and reduce the impact felt when walking and running.

The firmer gel supports the arches of the feet and heels and the softer gel provides high quality cushioning.

I soon realised that I couldn't wear my normal work shoes with the insoles as they were just too tight and uncomfortable, so I replaced them in my everyday boots and well the difference was amazing.

I have noticed that I am having less aching in my legs when using the insoles in my work shoes although I have decided not to use in my trainers as I currently have a "Fit sole" in my trainers which offers the right level of cushioning whilst I work out. If you suffer from tired, aching feet then these insoles will help and provide support where you need it.

The only real downside for me is that the insoles feel very cold at times, especially when wearing in colder weather, the gel is obviously cool and if you don't have thick socks I found that I could feel a cold sensation at times. As I suffer with cold feet this is not ideal but the comfort they offers superseded the cool sensation!

I don't know if they are worth the RRP of GBP14.99 but if they were on offer I would consider purchasing a further pair for the future.

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