Friday, 7 August 2015

Sweet meets Savoury

I was invited to join the latest Bzz Agent Campaign to review the latest offering from Jacobs in their snacking range 'Cracker Crisps'
In my box of treats I recieved 1 of each flavour of the 150g Share Bag and some coupons to pass along to friends who would like to give them a try for themselves.
First up was the Thai Sweet Chilli Flavour.
I was expecting the flavour to be somewhat overpowering but found it more mellow and subtle but extremely tasty and after each bite wanting more and more.

As someone who has followed a healthy eating plan for years and maintained my weight for a while now and cut out most of my snacking habits but when the weekend arises, I do find it hard to resist the share bags of popcorn or crisps so as a 'healthier alternative' these really fill a gap in the healthy snack market in my opinion.

I decided to try creating a dip for my cracker crisps and opted for the reduced fat creme fraiche which was really a great combination with the cool flavour combined with the sweet flavour of the chilli.
Another idea would be to chop up some fresh chives and combine with the creme fraiche for a healthier cream and chive dip.
The recommended serving is 25g which would work out to be 3pp.
For me, these are my new treat at the weekend and a new found snack that isn't so sinful.
Back to review the other flavours shortly.....

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