Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Pampers the Premium Nappy that never fails.

As a mum, many people ask which brand of nappies are best and as you can expect there are always lots of opinions. I used Pampers Baby Dry for my son almost 6 years ago and was keen to use them again with my daughter this year.

I initially started using Pampers New Baby and I have to say I was disappointed, when the nappies were wet there was a strong odour although I did like the wetness indicator whilst having a newborn. I switched over to leading supermarket brands and found I did start to prefer them but I had one issue, they were fairly bulky.
When my daughter became more mobile I wanted a thinner nappy and decided to give the Pampers Baby Dry a go and see if they suited her. They did and I have not bought another brand since.

I was excited when I was asked to join the Pampers Project over on Super Savvy Me as there was a new design for the Baby Dry Nappies and I was looking forward to seeing how they could perform even better.

The new and improved Pampers Baby Dry did not disappoint, there are now 3 absorbing channels in the nappy which is really noticeable compared to the older design. The wetness is evenly distributed rather than all pooling together and dragging the nappy down.

The wetness is locked away from the skin which means I don't have to worry if my daughter sleeps for longer than 8 hours as I know she will still be fairly dry.

When it comes to putting my daughter to bed for the night I do not trust any other brand than Pampers Baby Dry. There is no strong odour given off by the nappies and they suit my mobile 9 month old very well.

The nappies are thin but perform as well, if not better than before. When the nappy is full it's easy to see the three channels and how well they work at distributing the wetness away from baby's skin.

I received a pack of Pampers Baby Dry to try for myself in exchange for my opinion on the brand.

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