Thursday, 4 June 2015

A Sweet and Salty Taste Sensation from Tesco

As a member of the Tesco Orchard Programme I quite often find myself trying things that I wouldn't normally think of buying, however when I signed up for the Tesco Ice Cream Programme I was looking forward to picking up a few treats from the new range.

As I picked out the 4 Salted Caramel Dairy Ice Creams from the freezers in Tesco, I wasn't expecting to discover anything special. I have experienced the leading brand in Ice Creams as well as Supermarkets own brand products but little did I know. I decided to pick up a few of the small tubs of Ice Cream to try which I will review at a later date.

As I opened the box I was suprised to see that the Ice Creams were somewhat smaller in comparison to other Ice Creams but you do get 4 in the box compared with other brands offering 3.

The Ice Cream is in a transparent wrapper and being completely honest it doesn't look anything special but then you take a bite...mmmmmm it is amazing! The delicious thick belgian chocolate before you get the rich taste of the salted caramel, I was really beginning to enjoy this.
Tesco have double dipped the ice cream meaning that the dairy ice cream is covered with a salted caramel sauce filling before finally being dipped into belgian chocolate.

The combination of flavours is extraordinary, it is so tasty. The caramel pieces that are on the belgian chocolate coating tastes almost honeycomb against the caramel filling dairy ice cream.

The flavour is rich but not too sickly, in fact I could probably enjoy eating another straight away.

In terms of how healthy they are they flag up the red rating for fat, saturates and sugars meaning it is quite a sinful dessert but for a treat this has to be the best one.

Currently available in selected Tesco stores for just £2.00.

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