Monday, 16 November 2015

I saw the light...

When it comes to coughs and colds, for me personally it is the one thing I dread getting, when my son gets poorly I feel even more helpless!

This is the 2nd time in the space of 3 weeks that my son has developed a troublesome cough which he has struggled to clear. As any mum I try anything I can to try and offer him some relief, including calpol, vicks and vicks on the feet with socks on top!
However Friday evening our son seemed to really be suffering the cough was relentless and he was so tired he just wanted to go to sleep but the cough kept disturbing him.

Then I remembered.....
The Calpol Vapour plug.
I had purchased this after a recommendation from my brother that it had worked wonders with my nephew when he had last been ill. I had bought one at the tail end of his last bout of a cough so I still had some of the refills left.

The plug acts as a nightlight whilst releasing lavender and camomile vapours into the air. The plug has a small refill that lasts for around 8 hours. It is suitable from the age of 3 months and I think that it is well worth investing in after our experience this weekend. 

As our son was bed hopping it was difficult to really know if the plug was offering any benefit as it was left in his room when he came into our room in the middle of the night so he wasn't really getting the full benefit.
Friday night we placed the plug into the main bedroom and my husband shared a bed with him. As I am currently 29 weeks pregnant we agreed it would be better if he looked after him rather than me catching the infection. After spending hours downstairs in the evening within 40-60 minutes of him being in close proximity to the plug he was settled and able to get to sleep.

The next day the cough remained and although he initially seemed much better in the morning, by late afternoon he was coughing constantly once more, we gave him a warm bath and placed vicks on his body and feet and decided to plug in the vapour plug in the living room with us all to see if that helped ease the constant coughing.We replaced the refill, which was easy to do, simply push the old one out with the new one as shown below.
 Again within the hour the coughing eased and he was able to drift off to sleep.

I genuinely believe that it was this product that helped him to breathe easier and allow him to drift off to sleep, the soothing blue nightlight is not overpoweringly bright in the room but is ideal as it is only activated when the room is dark. This for us will remain a key investment for the winter months as we had previously thought about investing in a humidifier as well as other products when in fact it seems this little plug does all we need it to.

A great product that actually works and helps to soothe your child to sleep and alleviate the troublesome symptoms caused by colds and coughs. 

The plug with 5 refills retails for approximately £6.99 and a pack of 5 refills for approximately £5.99 available in most larger supermarkets and pharmacies.

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