Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Festive Tea Time Treat.

With a fussy four year old to feed, quite often we find he gets bored of eating the same thing so when I spotted these in Tesco I decided to buy them to keep him interested and to offer something different to spelling with potato letters as a quick midweek meal.

They currently retail in most Tesco stores for £1.00, previously my son has enjoyed Tesco's Zoo Potato Shapes but we were not in luck on our last visit.

Contained within the bag are the following shapes:
Christmas Tree, Snowman and Star
The bag is 500g and claims to have approximately 4 servings, we tend to provide 2 of each shape to our son which we find enough when used as accompanying side. 

We cook in our oven Fan 200°C for approximately 20 minutes.
I was expecting them to come out a little bit more golden brown as they still looked very pale in colour but had fluffed up in size.
They were not too crunchy and the potato inside was fluffy, they seemed to go down very well with our son who enjoyed eating them and recognising what the shape was that he had been given.

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