Sunday, 3 January 2016

Party Food to impress.

With friends coming over we wanted something quick and tasty to pop into the oven so we opted for the 3 for 2 on the Tesco Finest Party Food.

- 8 Bourbon BBQ Beef Waffles
- 12 Hand Finished Duck Selection
-  9 Posh Pigs in Blanket

Having already sampled the Tesco Finest Dim Sum from the Party Food Range we had been a little disappointed, although it offered flavour it was a faff to cook and left us unimpressed.

This time my husband picked the items to offered our guests and decided upon the above items. All 3 items cooked at the same temperature which meant it was a lot easier to control the preparation of food for the buffet.

One downside was that they did all cook for different durations so we kept having to open the oven every 2 minutes to add the next lot of party food!

Contained within the 12 Hand Finished Duck Selection was;
- 4 Spring Rolls with a duck and honey filling
- 4 Crispy Rice Cones with duck and potato in a massaman curry sauce
- 4 Mini Tortilla wraps with aromatic duck in a hoisin sauce.

The flavour in the selection was not overpowering and was a perfect taste sample. I enjoyed the different take on the Spring Rolls and was one of my favourites. The items are 2 bites which is enough to give you a taster. These were the longer cooking for all the party food taking 10-12 minutes.

The Bourbon BBQ Beef Waffles were my personal favourite, they were small enough to handle and around 2 bitefuls. I loved the cheese that had melted on top and the flavour was not too overpowering considering they contained Cherrybell pepper. Combined with the sweetness of the waffle I thought these were really tasty and different to normal party/buffet food, one to get again.

My least favourite was the Posh Pigs in Blanket, I found these disappointing. A pork meatball with a cranberry glaze which in my opinion was completely lost in the overpowering seasoning of the pork and bacon crumb.

Overall the food was nicer than standard buffet food and offered something with little more taste compared to the normal party range but I did have higher expectations for the Posh Pigs in Blankets which to me were a little disappointing.

Our guests appeared to really enjoy the Chinese Selection and the Bourbon BBQ Beef Waffles but we did have the Posh Pigs in Blankets left over so it wasn't just me that had the opinion that it was a little disappointing.

I was provided with vouchers to try these products for free or for less via the Orchard Programme for Tesco.

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