Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Guest Ready Home

As a member of the Savvy Circle I am often lucky enough to be selected to join the panel and sample a full size product which is always nice!

Arriving in a large square white box was a kit containing a large gift bag and inside was:

 A full size Ambi Pur 3volution Starter Kit containing a plug and a Vanilla Latte Refill
  •  15 x 2.00 off coupons for the Starter Kit
  • 10 x 1.00 off coupons for the 3volution refills 
I absolutely love 'festive' aromas and from mid November our home starts with festive candles and fragrances to get us ready for Christmas, so I was thrilled to have the opportunity to review the AmbiPur 3volution Plugs as I rarely use these, preferring to opt for Reed Diffusers or candles to control the level of fragrance.

Raring to go I cut open the 'tamper-free' packaging to release the plug casing and the refill.
Removing the lids I then pushed the refill snugly into the plug and then it was ready to go.

I decided to place the plug in the hallway, I thought this would be the perfect location as it would hopefully filter the aroma upstairs without being too overpowering and would also combat the shoes under the stairs and the kitchen cooking smells.

The fragrance I had been provided with was 'Vanilla Latte' a combination of warm milk and vanilla, a very sweet smell judging my the aroma on my fingers after assembling the plug.

As I switched on the plug 3 bright red lights lit up briefly confirming the plug was operating correctly and then it settled onto one of the 3 fragrances, as the fragrance alternates every 45 minutes.
Apparantly we can become 'noseblind' to the smells in our home so it will be interesting to see if guests can point out the new fragrance in our home when they visit. By having the alternating fragrances we should notice the fragrance more.

The plug in also has an adjustable intensity control so you can control how strong the fragrance needs to be in your home. I started with the control on level 3 with it being in the hallway and expected it to need to be on a high level to ensure that it worked efficiently and spread up the stairs.

After just a few hours I found the aroma too intense and reduced it down to level 2, this was still fairly strong and have now set it on level 1, which seems to be just right. The plug is in the centre of our hallway but the aroma wafts into our Living room and is a welcome smell as you walk into the house from outside.
I have recently become obsessed with my home smelling fresh and clean, despite using the Reed Diffusers I find within a few days the aroma tends to fade this could be down to the fact that this is just the one fragrance and as Ambi Pur advise the gorgeous scents that change every 45 minutes make us more aware of the new fragrance and aware of the new aroma in the home.

Although I have not been overly keen on this particular fragrance I do like how the actual 3volution system works, it does make you aware of the fresh fragrance as it changes throughout the day and does banish any unwanted smells from the hallway. I will definitely look to continue using the 3volution system and look for alternative scents that suit my preferences as I found the Vanilla Latte just a little too sweet for me.

This product was provided to me free of charge to sample and review.


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